I personally know several fellow Australians involved with Love Makes a Way. They are not the usual suspects, repeat offenders, or motivated by some anti-Government anarchy. Rather, they are driven by a strong commitment to remind Australian Members of Parliament that the public interest is best served, particularly in the area of refugee policy, by the power of love.  That is not a crime.  That is a message that is long overdue, and too often forgotten by decision-makers today. 

I wish more power to Love Makes a Way, and more power to those MP’s who show support for their message.” 

Rob OakeshottFormer Independent Member for Lyne

“The Bible is irrefutably clear on two things: first, that all Christians should show love and hospitality to strangers and, second, and crucially, we should protect and care for children. There is nothing ambiguous about these claims. So the reaction of some to the appearance of the interdenominational group Love Makes a Way formed to end ‘inhumane’ asylum seeker policies through non-violent protest, was: ‘At last!’ or ‘Where on earth have you been?’”

Julia Baird, Australian Journalist

“Karl Barth said something about prayer being an uprising against the disorder of the world, and the crew at Love Makes a Way take him seriously. What could be more dangerous to our disordered world than an ecumenical group of peace-loving activists praying publicly for asylum seekers, the greatest victims of that disorder! All power to you, Love Makes a Way.”

Michael Frost, Author & Vice Principal, Morling Theological College

“I fully support those committed people from Love Makes a Way who peacefully demonstrate to show that decent Australians want much better from their parliamentary leaders in relation to some of the world’s neediest and most vulnerable people.”

Bishop Pat Power, Catholic, retired

“…right across Australia there is a movement called Love Makes a Way. These are people of faith who have taken some of the most significant parts of scripture about loving thy neighbour very literally indeed. Hundreds of them have risked arrest, and many of them have been arrested, in peaceful, non-violent sit-ins in ministers’ offices around the country … They are respectful but defiant that we simply cannot continue this hateful race to the bottom. I want to acknowledge all of those who have taken those kinds of matters into their own hands to ensure that there is some hope in the Australian community for compassionate policy on refugees, because it is very, very hard to find it in [the Parliament building].”

Scott Ludlam, Senator for Western Australia

“Our approach to children in detention is unacceptable, and I wholeheartedly endorse … the Love Makes a Way campaign.”

Melissa Parke, Federal Member for Fremantle

“The public narrative on refuge in Australia has been dominated for the last five years by frames of fear and the idea that we must ‘be cruel to be kind.’ Love Makes A Way is the only effort cutting through that at the moment. They are brave, but more than that, they’re smart, careful, and deliberate. They have consistently generated public attention, but the real art has been to do so in a way that is entirely on their message and their terms.”

Sam McLean, former National Director, GetUp!

“When you have conservative religious leaders in this country risking arrest and prosecution themselves—which is what Love Makes a Way do—something is wrong. These are not radical, left-wing churches. These are ordinary, everyday conservative churches and leaders. The leaders of those churches are saying to the Abbott government, ‘You’ve overstepped the mark.'”

Sue Lines, Senator for Western Australia

“The Bendigo sit-in sees a small group of local church leaders, both ordained ministers and lay people, standing up and voicing their opinion about why they believe that asylum seeker children and their families in detention should be released into the community. This was a peaceful action. I want to say to these protesters from my community that your protest has been noticed and that I encourage you to continue to be a strong voice on these issues.”

Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Bendigo

“The Salvation Army is proud to support our people who put themselves on the line on behalf of these innocent young people.”

Dr Bruce Redman, Salvation Army, Southern Territory Media Director

“Anything I can say seems trite after hearing what you’ve had to say. You are a credit to your faith and an inspiration.”

Magistrate Brett Dixon, Mount Barker Magistrates Court

“It was my privilege to be arrested with seven others, including clergy of Uniting and other churches, in the office of the Prime Minister. I commend the Love Makes a Way leaders on their leadership in this crucial witness to Jesus’ compassion for the poor. I find it clearly within the ethos of the Uniting Church to be acting in this way, especially in concert with other churches. Love Makes a Way is giving credible and necessary impetus to an issue of major importance to the Australian community and beyond, in standing up for those who have fled persecution to find shelter and protection here.”

Rev Dr Brian Brown, past Moderator, Uniting Church Synod of NSW & ACT