How Can I Donate to LMAW?

Currently the best (and only) way to give to Love Makes a Way is via direct bank deposit.

Account: Love Makes a Way
BSB: 633000
Account #: 152508446

When you donate to Love Makes a Way, you’re contributing to more than nonviolent direct actions for people seeking asylum. Every public action requires many hours of work to make it possible, everything from training, equipping and organising action participants, to preparing media resources and prayerfully discerning our overarching strategy.

Up to this point all this work has been done by volunteers. But though we don’t have staff, there are still many financial costs incurred from our work. By donating you are helping us to continue this work — not only the organisation of powerful public actions advocating for a compassionate approach to people seeking asylum in Australia, but also the training and empowerment of the Australian church to take nonviolent action for refugees and on other issues of importance.


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